Jewelry Services

We turn metals and stones into family heirloom. Create your magnificent symbol of love, heritage and memories
The ring's significance lies in its circular form, symbolizing the cyclical nature of the Universe. Everything eventually comes full circle. As you integrate your experience from the previous cycles, you arise even wiser. In different cultures, a ring may have various meanings, but it’s up to you to assign the meaning of your exclusive custom ring.

Custom Ring

We craft with passion and love to reflect your unique style and individuality. The finest natural stones add a touch of luxury and meaning to your one-of-a-kind ring. Let's make your dream a reality and create a custom ring design using our expertise.
We can create a dream engagement ring that tells your love story. Our team will make sure your journey is pleasant and stress-free, from developing a design to choosing the size and shape of the central diamond or gemstone. Make your proposal exceptional with a custom engagement ring.

Custom Engagement Rings

Make your proposal special and surprise your partner with something deeply personal – a custom engagement ring that symbolizes your relationship. Choose the perfect diamond and gemstone shapes, metal, and the best type of design.
We will help you craft wedding bands that are a constant reminder of your wedding vows. Moreover, the custom wedding bands service allows you to design a wedding band that complements the engagement ring perfectly. We work to make the process of creating a truly personal piece of jewelry as easy and pleasant as possible.

Custom Wedding Bands

Your unique love deserves unique rings that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Choose the design and the finest materials of the highest quality standards for your custom wedding bands, and we will do the rest for you to enjoy this special day of your life.
Throughout history, earrings have held a special place in women’s jewelry sets. Their significance went beyond beautiful accessories and often reflected social and financial status. Today, with Olertis custom earrings, you can go even further and express the status of your soul. Impart them with a deeper meaning and a symbolic design to cherish for years to come.

Custom Earrings

We craft exclusive pieces of jewelry to be passed down to future generations. Whether you need earrings for everyday wear or a special occasion, or you want to make an exceptional gift to someone you love, we can bring your vision to life with our custom earrings service.
Like any jewelry, pendants have two distinct aspects: what meets the eye and what meets the heart. Just think about it: no piece comes in closer contact with the heart than a pendant. Therefore, a custom pendant becomes your trusted confidant that you can always hold close to your heart.

Custom Pendants

Olertis custom pendants are more than just jewelry. They are a chance to encapsulate something meaningful and hold it close to your heart. They offer you an opportunity not to just “hang in there” but thrive by expressing your full authentic beauty.
From shells and animal teeth to gemstones and pearls, necklaces have adorned women for thousands of years. Their cultural significance extends from proclaiming one’s love to ceremonial purposes and merely showing social status. Your personalized necklace holds unique significance, a privilege to wear your custom beauty close to your heart.

Custom Necklace

Celebrate your uniqueness with a custom-designed necklace that reflects your personality and style. We use the finest-grade precious metals and high-quality diamonds and gemstones to craft your one-of-a-kind, timeless piece.
People don’t usually give hands profound meanings. The eyes are the windows to our soul, and the heart is its home. But what about hands? Aren’t they a symbol of the soul trying to expand, reach the external, and interact with it? While some may be too emotional wearing their hearts on their sleeves, we suggest, why not be well-balanced and wear your soul on your hand and reflect it in a custom-made bracelet?

Custom Bracelets

Have you ever wondered how luxury feels on your hands? With our custom bracelets, you will wear something exquisite and unique that also might hold a deeper meaning. Never be afraid to grace the world with a wave of your hand and a flash of your beauty!
The concept of a chain carries deep cultural significance, yet its historical connotation with confinement may evoke images of uninspiring predictability or lack of freedom. However, a custom chain can also be one of the most potent pieces in your collection. It multiplies the power of the circle, representing wholeness, infinity, and perfection. So, you are to decide what kind of chain to wear – the one that limits or the one that sets you free!

Custom Chains

Your imagination can run wild even with such uniform jewelry as a chain! We ensure the finest materials, such as gold, silver, and precious stones, so a custom chain becomes a centerpiece of your collection!
Custom brooches and pins are more than accessories; they are small pieces of art. Make a powerful statement by creating a meaningful design that resonates with your aesthetic. Although some may say that brooches and pins are going out of fashion, all the style options they offer prove the opposite: from modest to eye-catching, from vintage to modern, and from playful to strictly formal.

Custom Brooches & Pins

A custom brooch can encapsulate whatever you find meaningful in life. Depending on your personal style, we can create brooches to catch eyes and turn heads or, conversely, modest custom pins of subtle and discreet beauty.
Have you ever wanted to create something so beautiful that you would like to wear it not just on your body but a little bit inside too? People have shared such sentiment for millennia. We craft custom body piercing jewelry that will never fail to show that you are both an old soul and a wild modern spirit, all at the same time!

Custom Body Piercing Jewelry

What can capture your essence better than a uniquely designed piercing? Consider Olertis' custom body piercings to steal the spotlight. Our professional designers are here to make your wildest dreams come true!
It is a common stereotype that jewelry is only meant for women. However, we believe that men can also make a statement with custom men’s jewelry. From formal options like cufflinks to more casual ones like Cuban chain necklaces, choose any style and go as the President or a gangsta – whatever feels right today!

Custom Men’s Jewelry

Didn’t you always dream of making a statement and standing out from the crowd? With our custom men’s jewelry, anything is possible. Choose from the finest materials and most outstanding designs to create your personalized pieces.
Apart from traditional jewelry pieces, you can design with us something so unique that it challenges the standard notion of what jewelry may look like. It might be a bizarre hairpiece, a beautiful tiara, or a handpiece combining a bracelet and a ring. With our custom jewelry designs and your inspiring ideas, celebrating your uniqueness has never been easier!

Custom Jewelry Design

Create your own personal masterpiece with custom jewelry services by Olertis and see how your vision comes to life with our inspiring design team. Dare to dazzle the world and make your dreams come true!
If you have read thus far, chances are, you know your way around jewelry and what you want out of it. The only thing left to do is to create your own custom piece, be it a ring or an earring, a pendant or a necklace, a brooch or a bracelet. With Olertis, jewelry never feels like a hollow shiny trinket but a meaningful thing of beauty and a stylish projection of your inner values. Make your fashionable statement today! Stay unique, stay beautiful!