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Create your finest custom opal earrings for daily wear or special occasions. Opal’s brilliant play of color makes any jewelry piece unique and eye-catching. Wearing opal earrings makes anyone feel confident and special. You choose the design and materials, and we will make the magic happen.
Any opal earrings style looks stunning and captivating. This stone is also believed to bring good luck. So, personalized opal earrings are a great choice for a gift to yourself or your loved one. Olertis’ Jewelry experts know how to craft a piece that will exceed all your expectations!
Owning custom opal earrings is a privilege because this precious stone is rare and valuable. We offer our experience to tailor your perfect jewelry piece that you will treasure and enjoy. Choose the design, precious metals, and gemstones to complement opals, and we will make your dream come true.
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Its Majesty Opal, the Iridescent Rainbow King

Opal is a hydrated silica that comes in many colors, from the most common white variety to red, honey, blue, and occasionally black. The latter is the most expensive kind, which ranges in price from a hundred bucks to thousands of dollars per carat.

In terms of special effects, none of the stones come close to its iridescent play-of-color. Opal can give off bright rainbow effects under natural and artificial lighting (although, this might depend on the angle). Based on the type of color-play, geologists single out Harlequin, Ethiopian, honeycomb, Mexican, matrix, boulder, and fire opals. Please keep in mind that only transparent stones can naturally display the play-of-color. Cheaper opals can be completely untransparent, which is why they don’t produce a special effect.

If you’d like to know what these patterns might look like in a custom piece, let’s consider the most appealing options. Fire opal earrings can be rich red or orange. If they contain a stone with special effects, they might give the impression of a real flame. If you are a fan of rainbow effects, Ethiopian opal earrings may be just for you. Moreover, their hydrophane properties allow them to take in water. When you submerge them, the stones may go from opaque to transparent in several days. The earrings will go back to their original look if you let them dry. Boulder opal is a poor custom earring material because it has opal inclusions within another rock. Although such formation might have unusual shapes, it’s hard to ensure any kind of symmetry. Additionally, boulder opal earrings are a little heavy, making them impractical. However, matrix opal can be a more desirable alternative since it’s much more intimate combination of opal with other stones.

Interestingly, the very word “opal” is derived from Sanskrit “upala” which literally means “gemstone”. In ancient Indian myths, this mineral represents the rainbow goddess who once magically transformed herself into a set of stones. In esoteric literature, it’s often referred to as “the eye stone” because of its ability to activate inner vision and intuition. Ancient Greeks used opals for more precise fortune telling as well as preserving one’s health.

Speaking of healing properties, opal can bring peace in case of emotional turmoil by refocusing the mind and revealing the bigger picture. Another possible use of custom natural opal jewelry is to ensure the wearer’s protection. This stone grounds your energies, making you invincible to any negativity thrown your way. Just don’t forget to place it under the moonlight to recharge and cleanse it of all absorbed negative energies.

If you made up your mind to order custom opal earrings, Olertis will do their best to help you create the piece of your dreams. One of the most crucial points here is choosing the stone that shines the way you want it to shine. For this, we can send you a short video showing the opal’s true colors under different light. Finally, it’s important to choose a design that will complement the stone’s iridescent play-of-color patterns. Whatever design, color, or shape you choose, we are here to support your decision and make real opal earrings that will highlight your individuality and sense of style.

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