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Olertis Jewelry prioritizes quality and safety when it comes to baby earrings. We use materials appropriate for a baby’s sensitive skin. You think of design while we ensure safety – hypoallergenic metals and secure backings – so your little one can wear earrings comfortably and confidently.
Cherished for their personalized touch, baby earrings definitely serve as a lasting memory. A lovely gift at a baby shower, baptism, or first birthday, custom gold infant earrings are an exceptional way to celebrate these important milestones.
Baby earrings are not just a piece of jewelry, they are symbols of protection and love. Given with the best intentions, they come as a wish of good fortune for the baby. The Olertis Jewelry team will assist in creating a special custom set for a special baby.
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Your Lovebug's First Earrings: What Should You Know as a Parent?

If you remember one of the iconic Friends episodes, Amy (one of Rachel’s spoiled sisters) has found her new baby styling passion. According to her, many babies were ugly and needed fashion advice to conceal their defects. We don’t subscribe to this point of view. All babies are pretty even with no accessories on, but their parents still can make a conscious choice about their first jewelry. If you are one of those parents who is about to make that decision, we are sure you’ll find our article helpful.

The first thing you need to worry about when it comes to your children is safety. The jewelry doesn’t have to cause any discomfort to your kid. If there is a sign of even the slightest irritation, you should contact a doctor for a consultation. To prevent this from happening, always check if the earring material is hypoallergenic before ordering your custom earrings. Gold and sterling silver are considered the best options in this regard.

The size of your kid’s first jewelry is no less important. One of the common mistakes is buying earrings that are too large or have a complicated design. The general rule of thumb is the smaller and simpler infant or newborn earrings are, the better. For example, small 14k gold earrings shaped like balls may be a perfect choice. If you’d like to see a gemstone in your kid’s jewelry, just make the design as basic as possible. Simple studs will do the trick. Otherwise, if your design is too complicated, your child might not find such pieces comfortable and would scratch them or even try to remove them. If you insist on using some motif for your custom earrings, make sure it’s a simple one like a heart or a flower.

To add another level of protection, we recommend ordering custom baby earrings with back screws. A personalized product that can be easily secured behind the earlobe will ensure your child won’t pull out their earrings and swallow them or put them up their nose. Such incidents have happened before and were addressed by pediatricians, which is why many child jewelry manufacturers ensure extra safety precautions. It goes without saying that Olertis Jewelry experts comply with all safety standards and will make sure your personalized earrings are baby-friendly.

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With this being said, don’t hesitate to contact a pediatrician if there are any concerns. Seek help if your child has any discomfort or earlobe irritation. Use the services of a professional piercing artist who adheres to all safety standards and has experience with little children. Make sure you follow all piercing care routines like doing regular inspections and cleaning. To facilitate skin healing, don’t rotate baby earrings in the first 6 weeks after making the piercing. And finally, don’t hesitate to contact our experts should you have any baby jewelry-related questions.

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