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Welcome to Olertis, the leader in custom-made jewelry in the United States. Over the years, we have developed a unique talent for creating the best personalized jewelry. Based on each client's individual preferences, we create jewelry with the sole purpose of fulfilling a precious dream, where the style and design of the jewelry is determined by our designers' ability to capture the subtle strings of desires, fantasies, artistic visions and expectations of a client.
Our creative team comprises the most talented and experienced jewelers and jewelry designers who are able to realize any imaginable idea, using the whole range of the latest materials and technologies and delivering the final product of an impeccable quality. We sketch, model and develop prototypes in 3D software and print them on 3D printers so that you can follow the process of making your precious dream come true.

Our achievements

For over 20 years, we have never ceased our creative endeavors to achieve the highest goals in the art of jewelry. Over 3500 happy customers have experienced the high-quality results of our work, including: sculpted jewelry, monogram jewelry, engraved jewelry, vintage custom jewelry, thousands of pieces with a variety of gemstones, and even dog jewelry and other animal jewelry. From every day to high-end custom jewelry, from expensive to cheap personalized jewelry, we seek originality and exclusivity in each of our projects, this leads us to be demanding with ourselves.

Our Innovations in Jewelry Design

Any personalized project begins with design development. Any design development begins with a fantasy and an idea coming to life in the future jewelry. What inspires us, what magical forces make us come up with shapes and fantasize with colors of materials and stones? Let's look around us and ask: what design near me do I see? Inspiration for jewelry ideas is always around us, these are different shapes and designs, given to us by nature, they surround us everywhere and are waiting for us to use them in our favorite jewelry. This is where jewelry design begins its journey.
Each piece of jewelry presented on our website was once created and inspired by different forms and phenomena of nature. Our jewelry includes plant motifs, wildlife elements, and even natural phenomena that once inspired the author to create a unique jewelry design. We strive to foster our creativity, and we tend to challenge ourselves with experimental forms of jewelry.

Jewelry Making

The process of making each piece of jewelry is certainly not limited to merely design and image, which undoubtedly play an important role. We strive to use the most advanced technologies in the jewelry industry to achieve the highest quality of the piece being made, whether it is custom gold jewelry, sterling silver custom jewelry or platinum jewelry.
We use 3D technology solutions to produce jewelry prototypes. First, we develop jewelry in special 3D software, and after that we print such 3D models on ultra-high resolution 3D printers to get a high-quality prototype of the product made of wax patters or plastic.
Modern vacuum metal casting machines provide us with high quality casting, which greatly facilitates further grinding and polishing of jewelry, as the surface of the products after casting process does not have defects.
Our team of experienced jewelers creates handmade, unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry. We use the materials that our clients like most, and we always guarantee the high-quality setting of gemstones.

Our Principles

For several decades we have been developing the most convenient strategy of relationship with the customers, the most important principle in which is to understand their views on jewelry design and identify their preferences. Knowing full well what the customer likes, it is possible to form the right proposal of design and materials further used in the piece of jewelry.
Each new fantasy of personalized jewelry, as well as its 3D design, undergoes a stage of approval by our client — all wishes, design elements and forms of jewelry are brought in coordination with the vision, taste and preferences of our client.
Our principles are focused on high quality jewelry design and manufacturing. Our jewelry is a work of high art.

Jewelry Services

Over the course of 20 years, artisans have crafted an impressive collection of more than 3.500 unique jewelry pieces, each meticulously designed and handcrafted.
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