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Get ready to shine with a ring made exclusively for you! Choose metals and stones that resonate with your style, and our design team will guide you through the creation process and eagerly bring your vision to life. Ordering a personalized ring is a perfect way to celebrate yourself.
With our custom-made rings, jewelry becomes much more than a mere accessory. It becomes a story. But not the one that is imposed on you, but the one you create yourself. The beauty of a custom gold ring or any other ring type is that you can imbue it with your own symbolism.
Our company also encourages inclusivity. While traditional jewelry stores mostly target women, our service allows clients to order custom rings for women and men with any kind of design. Don’t hesitate to leave your contacts and we’ll do our best to cater to your specific jewelry needs.
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The Special Power of Rings

The oldest rings were found in the modern Czech Republic in one of the Paleolithic human settlements from 21,000 years ago. Many civilizations, including ancient Egypt, the Hittite Empire, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome, used this type of jewelry. The materials ranged from hemp, reed, bone, and stone to iron, copper, silver, and gold. Apart from more traditional ornamental and ritualistic purposes, people used rings for measurements, financial exchanges, identification of society members, stamp prints, and even navigation (compass rings).

It’s no wonder that over the ages rings have attained great cultural significance and have been featured in many myths, legends, books, and all kinds of art. In most stories, rings are said to possess some magical element to them, bestowing a special power upon their owners.

In ancient Rome, a humble shepherd once found a ring in a fish. It turned out that it was blessed by the gods, and whoever was wearing it, would be granted the power to understand animals. The shepherd was amazed at how well he started to understand all living creatures. Guided by their wisdom, he was able to prevent disasters and save countless souls in his land.

According to another legend, deep in the Andes, a poor llama herder found a shiny ring in the roots of a sacred coca plant. Blessed by Pachamama, the Earth Mother, the ring held the power to heal and rejuvenate the land. Thus, the herder had transformed the dry valley into a lush oasis and brought abundance to the whole region.

Surprisingly, the rings can also be treacherous, corrupting those who wear them. In Norse mythology, the dwarf Andvari crafted a magical gold ring, Andvaranaut, which could multiply gold. However, the malevolent Loki tricked Andvari, stealing the ring along with the gold. Upon finding out what happened, the dwarf cursed the ring, which now brought misfortune to anyone who possessed it. Be that as it may, it seems like in most myths, rings have some type of discerning quality, acting as sentient beings, bestowing powers on the virtuous and further corrupting the wicked.

This brings us to the question at hand – what kind of power do you want your ring to have? We cannot guarantee that your Olertis custom ring will bestow on you the ability to heal, speak to animals, or predict the future. What we do know is that our custom pieces will never fail to inspire you and remind you of something special that you hold dearly to your heart.

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