Custom Moissanite Ring

A fusion of eternal glamor and brilliance – a custom moissanite ring will become your favorite item. This stone looks great in any cut, so choose a ring design you like the most, and our team will implement your vision.
Shine bright like a... moissanite! A budget-conscious and ethical choice that offers an eye-catching sparkle and top quality. We will be pleased to create a bespoke moissanite ring for you so you feel exceptional and confident when wearing it.
A personalized moissanite ring is a great gift, and those who choose sustainable gems will appreciate your present. Simply design your own moissanite ring, while our job is to craft it and exceed your expectations.
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If Diamond Were a King, Moissanite Would Be Its Assistant

It’s no wonder that diamonds are the most famous precious stones. Prized for its exceptional hardness, brilliance, and purity, diamonds dominate expensive custom jewelry and are associated with high status. But what if we told you there’s another stone that almost catches up with diamonds when it comes to most parameters?

Meet moissanite, diamond’s first alternative. It became known for its unusual extraterrestrial origin. Found in the impact crater of a meteorite over a century ago, moissanite has since been recreated in a laboratory as the most common and affordable diamond substitute. With a hardness grade of 9.25 on the Mohs scale, moissanite comes second only to diamond, however, with its brilliance, it outperforms even the king of gems.

Speaking about the color palette of moissanite, it can range from completely colorless (the most valuable kind) to all shades of red, blue, green, and purple. The naturally occurring stones are usually colorless but may have slight yellowish hues or even brown inclusions. However, 99% of moissanites on the market are lab-grown, meaning they have fewer defects and usually come with a certificate stating all the stone parameters measured in the lab.

Moissanite’s exquisite qualities make it a perfect material for a special occasion custom ring (for example, to commemorate your anniversary or make a romantic promise). It goes well with most ring designs that commonly feature diamonds. Thus, your custom moissanite piece may be a solitaire ring, a three-stone ring, an eternity ring, or any other setting. The preferred types of cuts that make moissanite shine in the best light (in the literal sense of the word) are round, oval, princess, and cushion.

Custom Moissanite Ring | Olertis | US

Even though it’s very affordable, a custom moissanite ring would make a great impression on your loved one showing how much you care about them. Furthermore, creating a moissanite ring is a much more ethical choice compared to purchasing a natural diamond piece. In a world where crime and diamonds often go together, opting for moissanite may be preferable.

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