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Add a unique and personal touch to your custom ring by incorporating your birthstone. Vast customization options can easily make it a statement piece of your collection. Choose the design, precious metals or their combination, the gem cut and set – anything you want to fill your ring with meaning.
Do you know what is the best gift for any mother? Undoubtedly, it’s a custom birthstone ring for mom that features the birthstones of her children. It is sure to become your mom’s favorite jewelry piece. The Olertis jewelry experts will guide you through the process of creating this special and exclusive ring.
Celebrate yourself with a custom birthstone ring. It’s a jewelry piece with meaning and symbolism, and personalization makes it even more valuable. Express your individual qualities and strengthen them by developing a design of your dreams. Craft your perfect birthstone ring with us!
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Personalized Sparkle of Birthstone Rings

There is an idea that certain stones represent every birth month of the year. But where did this belief come from? It’s not that easy to answer this question, as there are several interpretations. One legend brings us to biblical times and says that the breastplate of Aaron, elder brother of Moses, featured 12 gemstones, which were later linked to 12 months. Also, Hindu birthstone traditions include nine gems paired with ruby. Each stone is connected with a god, a month, and some qualities. Another idea goes back to the 8th century when each of the 12 Apostles was assigned a certain stone. As you can predict, all the traditions mentioned above had differences in the correspondence of stones and months. But they were a base for future birthstone charts.

Believe it or not, in 1912, the American National Retail Jewelers Association created the birthstone list, which has been altered but still is a standardized source you can always rely on. Let’s have a more detailed look at the list to inspire you and give ideas on what stones to choose for your perfect custom birthstone ring by Olertis.


January. Garnet is the birthstone of the first month of the year. Although when you think of garnet, you may imagine a red stone, it also can be orange, green, peach, and even black. The sacred meaning of garnet is commitment and self-empowerment. It is often used in meditation to balance chakras.


February. What about February? A beautiful amethyst is linked to this winter month. The purple jewel has strong curing powers and facilitates your intuition and wisdom. Also, it is known for opening the crown chakra or Sahasrara. 


March. Aquamarine is your birthstone if you were born in March. With its color, it resembles calm waters or a deep blue sky. The gemstone’s calming energy is believed to soothe anxiety and promote mental stability. Aquamarine is connected to the throat chakra and is great for enhancing communication and boosting creativity.


April. There are clear and colored diamonds, which may be yellow, gray, black, purple, and other colors. As you may have assumed, the birthstone of the second spring month is a diamond. This fine stone represents purity and perfection. Diamond has positive healing vibrations for body organs. It also relieves fear and helps to get rid of nightmares.


May. This month’s centerpiece is a green gemstone that was Cleopatra’s favorite. We are talking about emeralds. Due to its hue, it is traditionally believed to represent fertility. This stone attracts prosperity, success, and growth in all aspects of life.


June. Milky, shimmering moonstone corresponds to the first month of summer. It’s also called a stone of new beginnings because it deepens spiritual insights. This gem may help with regulating menstrual disorders and pain relief.


July. The key stone of July is the ruby. This red mineral is all about passion, love, and success. Ruby is a powerful stone that protects its wearer from negative energies and brings good fortune.


August. If you were born in August, your birthstone is a yellowish-green stone, peridot. This gem is great for couples as it fosters peace in relationships. It is known to have a healing effect on the gallbladder, liver, and digestive system. Peridot can detoxify both the spirit and body.


September. The birthstone of this warm and sunny month can bring you clarity of mind. You might have guessed that we are talking about sapphire. It may be of many colors, although blue sapphire is the most recognized variety. Rainbow sapphire rings are trendy due to their unique beauty and meaningful symbolism. The gemstone benefits include boosting the immune system, attracting prosperity, and bringing happiness to the owner.


October. Tourmaline is a stone of various shades and it protects those born in October. This fine stone activates the root chakra and attracts positive energy. Wearing a tourmaline makes you more self-confident and compassionate.

Topaz & Citrine

November. Were you born in November? Then you are lucky enough to have two birthstones: topaz and citrine. Topaz balances energies and opens up hidden talents, while citrine brings luck and abundance.

Tanzanite & Lapis lazuli

December. Lapis lazuli and tanzanite are the birthstones of the first month of the magic season. If you feel like you lack self-awareness and self-expression, wearing lapis is a good idea. Tanzanite has natural curing properties, helps overcome obstacles, and enhances communication skills.

A great idea is to combine the stones of your family members in a family birthstone ring! It can serve as a good present to someone or to yourself to show appreciation to your loved ones. Each stone represents the birth month of a family member: either children, grandchildren, siblings, partners, etc. A ring that features the birthstones of children is typically referred to as a mother’s ring.

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