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Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level? Do you want to surprise your significant other with something as special as they are? And do you want them to remember forever that one time when you got on one knee? Then perhaps custom engagement jewelry is for you!
Look no further if you want to dazzle your soulmate with a design engagement ring. Show how well you know your partner with the jewelry of their dreams! Whether you choose a gemstone ring or a custom engagement band is up to you. Just know that we are always here to support your vision!
So, who’s the lucky girl? Or perhaps, a lucky guy? As you know, men aren't the only ones who can propose. Although mangagement hasn’t been popular, it’s gaining more traction now. Most engagement rings aren’t designed for men, thus highlighting the need for personalized options.
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The Circle of Love: From Ancient Myths to Modern Vows

From ancient Egyptians to Romans and Greeks – rings have long been used to symbolize an eternal promise. However, according to the myths, the first ring marking someone’s vow had nothing to do with marital nuptials. It was a ring given by Zeus to Prometheus, the bestower of fire. The ring was actually a sign of mercy, as it contained a small part of the rock Prometheus was cursed to be tethered to for eternity. He had to keep it on at all times which was a convenient loophole that allowed him to be bound to it without actually hanging off the cliff 24/7 like a martyr.

Today, vow and promise rings have acquired a more life-affirming and romantic undertone as they most commonly signify a celebration of a beautiful relationship that has been elevated to the next level. The symbolism of a ring comes from the circle which is a universal sign of eternity, unity, and perfection. Thus, it is only natural that a ring became a cultural representation of eternal love. However, the exact way people use engagement rings may be culture-specific. In some countries, it is customary for both partners to wear an engagement ring, while in others, this honor is reserved only for women. In some regions, the engagement ring gets removed from the hand after the wedding ceremony, while in others, the woman needs to keep both rings on her hand once she’s married. There are some significant differences in which finger should have the honor of bearing the engagement ring, with the fourth finger on the left hand being the most popular choice across Western cultures. Moreover, the traditions around presenting the ring may vary greatly depending on a particular culture.

Apart from a traditional proposal, a similar, albeit less committed gesture, involves giving your partner a promise ring to signify your long-term relationship goals. Although the idea might sound unappealing to some, this can be an actionable plan for others. Given how complex the relationship landscape is, it is only logical that some people would choose to present their partner with a lasting promise rather than a proposal. If you are one of those people, just make sure that your custom promise ring is not too over the top, unless you would like to follow it with an even more stunning engagement ring. And just so you know, Olertis can successfully deliver any level of over-the-topness you’re looking for!

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