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An engagement is a special event for any couple whose memory will forever be encapsulated in the ring. Therefore, you should choose a perfect stone that will be meaningful to your significant other. Emerald can be a great choice if your partner values beauty, harmony, and wisdom.
18K White Gold Octagon-Cut Emerald And Diamond Engagement Ring. Custom Emerald Engagement Rings. US
18K Rose Gold Emerald And Diamond Engagement Ring. Custom Emerald Engagement Rings. US
18K White Gold Emerald And Diamond Engagement Ring. Custom Emerald Engagement Rings. US
Emerald stone engagement rings are a great way to show that you are truly committed to someone as these stones symbolize eternity. Coupled with rich green aesthetics, such a custom piece will make an exquisite symbol of your love.
Each Olertis item is highly personalized, which gives you full freedom to choose from a variety of designs, cuts, materials, and motifs. Create your very own custom emerald proposal ring today to dazzle your loved one with the jewelry of their dreams!

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Greatness Wears Green

Emerald is a type of beryl stone containing chromium and vanadium. Its hardness ranges from 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale. Contrary to popular belief, it’s quite scratch-resistant but might be less structurally solid in the presence of inclusions.

From the time of Cleopatra, the emerald has been valued for its delicate green beauty and mystical properties. It was one of the favorite stones of ancient Egyptians and has been worn by nobility ever since, which has earned it a nickname ‘the jewel of the kings‘.

The emerald emanates eternal beauty, wisdom, and foresight. According to ancient beliefs, those wearing the stone would get a special ability to distinguish lies from the truth. The gem is also known for its calming qualities, the gentle green being associated with Mother Nature itself. In ancient Greek mythology, it was featured as a symbol of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, while ancient Egyptians believed emeralds could bestow eternal life and youthfulness.

Perhaps, emeralds might not be the go-to stones when it comes to custom engagement rings. In a market niche overpopulated by diamonds, it’s hard to stand out even for such a high-end valuable stone as emerald. Many people stereotypically associate diamond rings with engagements. However, “the jewel of the kings” might work just as well for those who are able to appreciate its gentle grace and deep meaning.

18K Rose Gold Emerald And Triangle-Cut Trillion Diamond Engagement Ring. Custom Emerald Engagement Rings. US

When it comes to price, a quality emerald can be just as valuable as “the king of jewels”. A clear top-end emerald without inclusions may sell for up to $10,000 per ct. Depending on your design and taste, the emerald centerpiece can be surrounded by other gemstones to make a beautiful composition. The cuts that work well with this stone are emerald, asscher, octagon, and some others. The most classic metal pairing is, naturally, gold, but other options such as silver and platinum are also possible. In particular, a custom yellow or white gold emerald engagement ring will make a lovely and meaningful piece celebrating your commitment. Keep in mind that this stone works best with classic or vintage-style rings, however, nature-themed and modern options are also welcome, as long as the custom design of the final piece meets your expectations. Don’t hesitate to entrust Olertis Jewelry with crafting a personalized piece of your dreams!

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