Custom Moissanite Engagement Rings

A compelling combination of brilliance and value. We can design moissanite engagement rings according to your taste and preferences. We will develop the concept of your jewelry piece with you, from the stone cut to ring shape and metal. Rest assured, your moissanite engagement ring will exceed all expectations.
Do you stand for sustainable and ethical choices even when it comes to selecting an engagement ring? Consider oval moissanite engagement rings that will sparkle and stay bright even over time. A perfect choice to express your true love and make your partner feel special.
A custom moissanite piece is an unconventional yet brilliant and high-quality alternative for a diamond engagement ring. It symbolizes commitment and a strong bond between two loving people. The Olertis team will be honored to create a flawless moissanite engagement ring for you.
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The Hidden Gem or Why Moissanite Might Be the Best Option for Your Engagement Ring?

Moissanite is silicon carbide which was discovered by Henri Moissan in 1893 in Canyon Diablo, Arizona. The fact that it was found in a meteorite crater suggests its extraterrestrial origin. It took scientists almost a whole century to recreate this crystal under laboratory conditions. Nowadays, moissanites have become a popular sustainable alternative for diamonds, given that this mineral is never mined but rather created in the lab. Choosing moissanites can be considered an ethically preferred option, especially when compared to buying naturally occurring diamonds. It’s a well-known fact that many armed conflicts and mafia activity revolve around the diamond industry in Africa. Thus, by opting for a more affordable moissanite engagement ring instead of an expensive diamond one you might actually help resolve a humanitarian crisis without even knowing it.

In terms of physical properties, moissanite ranks very close to diamonds. It has 9.5 points on the Mohs hardness scale, which is only 0.5 points less than a diamond, the hardest material on Earth. This means that both precious stones can withstand considerable external forces while remaining scratch-free. With a refraction index of 2.65, moissanite is one of the sparkliest stones ever, surpassing even the brilliance of a diamond. Moreover, moissanite’s fire dispersion, which is the stone’s ability to cast tiny rainbows when exposed to white light, is 2.5 times greater than its more expensive counterpart.

Keep in mind that moissanite is at least two or three times cheaper than diamonds, which means that you can get more sparkle with even less money. Moreover, it’s sometimes hard to visually distinguish between the two stones (that is, if you’re not a jewelry expert). This is why most people who will see your custom engagement ring won’t even think it has something other than a diamond unless you tell them. And even if you do, they might be totally okay with it, given that moissanite is slowly becoming one of the most popular stones for engagement rings nowadays.

Moissanite doesn’t come off as cheap because it looks classy, chic, and elegant. This stone is highly praised for its aesthetic properties. It’s a good thing that you can create an astonishingly beautiful design with Olertis that will do justice to this amazing stone. Moissanite will shine as bright as ever in the hands of our experts and become an exquisite centerpiece of your custom engagement ring. With our personalized services, you can create a piece that perfectly fits your fiancé and carries the deep meaning that you assign to it.

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