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Get a memorable and pleasant experience with high-end custom jewelry services. Whether it’s an engagement ring for your special one or a personalized pair of earrings for yourself, Olertis experts are here to bring your vision into reality. Made from high-quality materials, your custom jewelry piece will delight you for many, many years.
Are you looking for an exclusive piece to reflect your individuality? Custom jewelry is the greatest option! Be a part of the creation process with Olertis’s best custom jewelry designers guiding you through it. Make a piece that you will cherish for a lifetime.
Unique custom jewelry is the best gift you can think of, whether it is gold cufflinks, pearl earrings, a white gold necklace, a diamond ring, a sapphire brooch, or an engraved tie bar. Olertis custom jewelry makers can bring any of your ideas to life – from the simplest to the most complex ones.
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From Design To Delivery: The Journey of Custom Jewelry

As Matias de Stefano once said, ”You can create only as far as your imagination is willing to go.” And with custom jewelry design, that’s exactly the case. We can take you through all the major stages of jewelry production but the initial spark of inspiration should come from you. Just think of yourself as the creator of your own reality and the right people, time, and resources will surely come (or in our case, the right designers, delivery time, and the materials used).

The process of making custom jewelry can be broken down into several stages. Right after you share your vision, our team of experts starts working on the initial drawings and concept art. We then check in with you to see whether the sketch encapsulates your vision and fine-tune it if necessary.

Once it’s approved, Olertis designers move to the second stage – creating a 3D model with the most modern software. High-resolution 3D modeling allows us to see what the final product will look like and gives you another chance to consider all the details. As this process is highly flexible, you are welcome to introduce changes at this stage too. Don’t hesitate to tell your preferences to our team even if the model needs just a little tweak to make it perfect. Remember, we can only arrive at perfection together in a safe creativity-friendly space. The key point is productive communication where our every little adjustment is run by you and your every little desire is run by us. But once we understand exactly what you want, be sure that we can execute it to the T.

After the 3D version is approved, Olertis prints out a highly precise wax model of the piece to give you another sneak peek into what it would feel like before it gets willed into solid reality. Please note that this is the last stage when you can fine-tune your custom piece. Don’t rush, as we allow you not only the luxury of fine jewelry but also the luxury of time, so you can make any final adjustments. Sleep on it and come back to us after you make up your mind.

The final product is made using jewelry casting services, which basically involves making a mold into which the liquid metal will be poured. The casting technique is perfect for intricate pieces and allows us to make custom jewelry with great precision. Given how energy-intensive making cast jewelry can be, one might wonder if it’s an environmentally friendly option. Of course, casting invariably involves heating up metal to the point where it becomes liquid, but it could be done using renewable sources of energy. Furthermore, casting allows jewelers to recycle metals and other materials, which is also quite eco-friendly. We can assure you that our experts apply the most sustainable jewelry-making practices and materials.

Once your perfect piece is cast, it’s time for the next stage – finishing. We use the finest files and other tools to smooth out the surface. Our superb grinding techniques will ensure there are no rough parts left in the final product. Finally, in case your piece is quite intricate and needs to be assembled, we will have to weld separate parts together with a small torch that runs either on propane or acetylene.

Once the piece is assembled and finished, there comes the time for setting stones. As you might know, there exist several setting techniques such as prong, bezel, pave, gypsy, scallop, bar, channel, and many others. The selection of a particular technique is discussed with you in advance and largely depends on the design of the product. Furthermore, some types of stone cuts benefit visually from being set a certain way which we always consider when designing pieces. For example, bezel, half-bezel, and collet techniques work best for setting diamonds. Olertis experts know all the secrets of the craft which is why the final product is going to be exactly what you dreamed of! It might come as a pleasant surprise that our custom products come with free and timely insured shipping across all the U.S. Get ready to receive your long-coveted jewelry in premium brand packaging right at your doorstep!

Just think about it. What speaks more of your individuality than a custom product made exclusively for you, while most of the world enjoys mass-produced jewelry? And the best thing is that literally every parameter can be personalized: from expensive custom diamond jewelry to more affordable amethyst options, from formal to casual, from modest and unassuming to daring and flamboyant – we can deliver it all to make you feel special.

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