Jewelry Drawings

Just like every baby goes through the stage of an embryo, every jewelry piece once was just a drawing. A jewelry sketch is something very special as it is during this stage that you realize how much life and creative force you can breathe into a new piece-to-be.
Be it a drawing of a ring or a bracelet drawing, you can’t help but think what the finished piece will be like. With Olertis, your imagination may roam wild and free as we guarantee that we can deliver absolutely any kind of custom jewelry.
Whatever happens at the stage of concept art creation directly translates into the actual implementation. Given how crucial it is to make perfect initial sketches of your custom jewelry, we only hire highly skilled artists for this job.
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What You Draw is What You Saw

The first thing we do after hearing out your ideas and requirements is create some concept art in a form of jewelry drawing that could be later refined and used in the production of the actual piece. The visual representation of the future custom jewelry is done in several variations, each time from a slightly different angle. This allows for the multitude of perspectives to get a glimpse into how the final piece might actually look.

Of course, this is the most adjustable phase of the project where you can make several changes. Every jewelry sketch can be revised and revisited as many times as you’d like until you are fully satisfied with the future piece design. Negotiating with the client is the most crucial part during the pre-production stage even though customers can make minor adjustments later on.

Drawing personalized jewelry sketches requires a lot of patience and precision. A jewelry artist should have a good grasp of proportions and perspectives besides their eye for beauty. They need to be good with drawing both symmetrical and asymmetrical pieces from all kinds of angles to ensure the most true-to-life representation of your custom jewelry. Also, such experts would benefit from knowing materials and textures, as well as the main characteristics of different precious stones. For example, a diamond necklace drawing should clearly convey the shine and translucency of diamonds, while a drawing of a wedding ring should depict the luster of gold, platinum, or any other material used. With this being said, there’s always room for artistic liberty as each creator has their own unique way of rendering the same concept.

Rest assured, we only hire expert jewelry artists who will create the most vivid and true-to-life drawing of earrings, engagement ring drawing, or any other kind of custom jewelry sketch. The final work will also include precise dimensions of the piece that will make it easier for you to see the scale of particular elements. Our personalized concept art and sketching services are an excellent way to ensure a visually reliable representation of the final piece and introduce any changes necessary to make your jewelry perfect.

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