Natural Sapphire Earrings

Show your class with personalized natural sapphire earrings. Whether these are extravagant and massive or reserved and delicate, they will definitely look flawless on you. Our artisans will do everything to go beyond your expectations and create stunning sapphire earrings for you.
Sapphire, a favorite stone of elites and royalty, looks perfectly in earrings of any type. Design your dream custom sapphire earrings to enjoy them for many years. Made from top-quality materials, they will definitely become an heirloom piece of your family.
Create your ideal pair of personalized sapphire earrings with Olertis Jewelry. We are ready to implement any of your desires using the finest materials. Natural sapphire earrings are a perfect gift for your loved ones that will be treasured forever.
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Discover the Splendour of Natural Sapphire Earrings

Ancient Persians had a beautiful legend about blue sapphires. They believed that the blue sky was a reflection of a huge sapphire on which the Earth rested. Can you imagine it? This legend gives us a glimpse of the importance of sapphire in Ancient Persian culture. Undoubtedly, this gem was perceived as powerful and symbolic.

Sapphires have been favored by royalty and aristocracy for centuries, and there are several reasons for that. Of course, it’s because of sapphire’s rarity and value, but also due to its metaphysical features, as people used to ascribe symbolic qualities to all gemstones. Elites wanted to benefit from sapphire’s protective property, namely its ability to shield from the evil eye and negative energy.

Sapphire is one of the hardest and most durable gemstones – it ranks 9 (where 10 is the maximum) on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. You may wonder what it means to you as an owner of this rock. This means that you can safely wear your custom sapphire earrings daily because they are resistant to scratching. However, you should remember that soap, harsh chemicals, and temperature changes may damage the stone or its structure. It’s better to remove your custom star sapphire earrings before taking a shower or swimming in the pool.

Sometimes, people avoid buying earrings with a certain stone because it doesn’t suit their eye color. You won’t have this problem with personalized natural sapphire earrings. Many people associate this gemstone with a deep blue color, but in fact, it comes in a great variety of hues. Consider custom white sapphire earrings if you opt for a more neutral and tender jewelry piece. They will look great on a young lady or older woman and, depending on the earring style, can be worn for an afternoon stroll in the park, a night out with girlfriends, or a formal event.

Are you looking for an unconventional sapphire color? We suggest a striking combination of forest and ocean – teal sapphire earrings. Depending on the amount of mineral that prevails in the gem, it can display various intensities of blue or green. Teal sapphire pairs well with all precious metals, so it’s a matter of your preferences and vision.

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The most popular blue sapphire earrings are an example of charm and sophistication. Despite the stereotypical image of this jewelry piece being ideal for formal occasions or big celebrations, custom blue sapphire earrings easily adapt to any style. The only thing you should mind is the type of earrings – of course, you won’t wear teardrop earrings with massive sapphires to the movies, but a minimalistic earring style goes well even with a shirt and your favorite jeans.

One of the sweetest traditions of our time is gender reveal parties. And you won’t find a more perfect gift than personalized natural sapphire earrings. Olertis Jewelry experts will be honored to assist in designing and crafting a stunning pair of special earrings with pink or blue stones depending on a baby’s gender. Imagine the emotions of a mother-to-be while opening the box with such a meaningful surprise gift!

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