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Imagine wearing a piece designed exclusively for you, featuring your favorite materials, colors, and embellishments. Whether it’s for a special event or everyday wear, a custom choker can be a trendy addition to your jewelry collection, reflecting your personal taste and creativity.
Choker Necklace With Sapphires and Diamonds. Choker Necklace. US
Custom Gold Choker Necklace with Opals and Diamonds 18K Yellow Gold. Choker Necklace. US
Sterling Silver Choker with Leather Band. Choker Necklace. US
A personalized choker can be an excellent gift for someone who follows trends and values exclusivity. Olertis Jewelry can create a splendid diamond choker necklace or velvet ribbon choker with a precious stone pendant. You know best what you need, and we will make it yours.
Craft the choker you lack in your wardrobe. Personalization ensures that it stands out, adding a distinctive touch to any outfit and making a bold fashion statement that’s uniquely yours. The Olertis Jewelry experts will help you make every detail perfect.

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The Timeless Appeal of Choker Necklaces

When you hear the word “choker,” the first association may be an accessory popular during the 1990s and early aughts – primarily a black, tattoo-style necklace. The Y2K fashion is back on the agenda this season, bringing Millennials and Gen Z a moment to feel nostalgia. Celebrities, including Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Hailey Bieber, are channeling the 2000s vibe by wearing clothes and accessories that were popular. A choker trend has been rediscovered and we at Olertis invite you to enjoy a new wave of its recognition.

Custom chokers are not average jewelry, so if you value exclusivity and like to stand out, this kind of custom necklace is perfect for you. It must be mentioned that sometimes it is challenging to find a necklace that looks good with a certain type of neckline, while chokers compliment everyone. Moreover, this chic item is appropriate for daily, casual wear, and for formal or festive occasions – you just need to style it the right way.

Ruby & Diamond Gold Custom Choker Necklace with Leather Band. Choker Necklace. US

Looking back at the origin of the choker necklace, you may be surprised by how deep the roots go. One of the earliest documented examples of chokers are Fayum mummy portraits dated circa A.D. 150. These are the images painted on wooden boards and attached to mummies of upper-class women and men. Women were depicted wearing short necklaces of various designs, including rose gold choker necklaces with a lunula and yellow gold chokers with gemstones or pearls.

The next era when chokers appeared on the stage was the Renaissance. Women of upper classes were often portrayed wearing a custom choker necklace, like in the following paintings: Judith with the Head of Holofernes by Lucas Cranach the Elder (1530), where Judith has a thick gold choker embellished with pearls and precious stones, and The Portrait of a Young Woman by Pollaiolo brothers (c. 1470–1472), where a girl is depicted with a delicate pearl string choker with a jeweled pendant.

We are coming closer to modern times; in the early 1900s, a trendsetter for personalized chokers was Queen Alexandra, the wife of King Edward VII. She often wore sophisticated multistrand chokers complemented by long necklaces. Some historians believe that she wore them to hide a scar in an elegant fashion.

In fact, modern royals also choose chokers as their statement accessory, and even if we’re talking about a movie character. Princess Ann, played by an incredible Audrey Hepburn, wore a short necklace that featured multiple strands of pearls elegantly wrapped around her neck. It’s definitely a memorable accessory in cinematic history; it was put on Christie’s online jewelry auction, however, it was withdrawn for unknown reasons. By the way, the most expensive choker necklace sold at auction is a “Red Scarlet” piece designed by James W. Currens. It features 26 oval rubies and pear-shaped diamonds set in platinum and gold. In 2012, the jewel was sold for nearly $5.1 million.

Custom choker designs have definitely changed over time, but after all they are a fusion of historical elegance and contemporary style. The most delicate and simple form is a ribbon choker, either with a bow, flower, or featuring a pendant. It can be styled with a silk or satin-effect dress or with a top and linen trousers.

A dainty layered personalized sterling silver choker is among influencers’ favorite styles, as it is visually interesting and adds dimension to any outfit. Subtle pendants that are often used in these neckpieces are visually appealing and accentuate the beauty of your neckline.

Custom design choker necklace with emeralds and diamonds. US

A multistrand personalized choker offers amazing styling options. For example, it can be worn with a shirtless blazer and pants for a sexy look that evokes a sense of power and femininity at the same time. 

Whether adorned with delicate layers, bold embellishments, or minimalist elements, chokers continue to captivate fashion influencers worldwide.

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