Purple Amethyst Necklace

Are you opting for an exclusive jewelry piece that translates your unique essence? A custom purple amethyst necklace will highlight your personal aesthetic and fill you with the calm energy of this amazing stone. Be sure your ideal piece is crafted with skill and care.
The vibrant color of a personalized amethyst necklace is for confident and tender souls. The flawless beauty of nature is reflected in amethyst and transferred to you through an ideal artisan jewelry piece.
Build an exceptional look with a purple crystal necklace that radiates tranquility. Craft a piece that can guard you and elevate any outfit. Our team is dedicated to creating top-quality products that our clients will treasure.
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Amethyst: A Common Stone with Uncommon Powers

In Greek mythology, amethyst is one of the nymphs that turned into a precious stone to avoid being harassed by Dionysus, the god of wine-making. The magical transformation was done by the goddess of wilderness, nature, and chastity Artemis who took pity upon the young nymph in distress. Because of this myth, many Greeks thought the stone had sobering properties and applied it when drinking wine.

Nowadays, the stone’s symbolism has somewhat shifted into the realm of mystical and unknown. It is believed to endow the wearer with extrasensory powers, reconnecting them with the cosmos and elevating their consciousness. The purple color of amethyst is associated with Sahasrara, which is responsible for connecting the individual with the Divine. It may facilitate insightfulness and intuition, making its owner see beyond the surface.

At the same time, amethyst can be quite useful even for a layman. If you want to boost your health and ground your energies, wearing a custom amethyst necklace might be one of the easiest alternative ways to achieve it. The stone has excellent protective powers when it comes to evil eyes. Additionally, it will help to balance out bad psychological tendencies such as mood swings or depression. If something is troubling you, amethyst will be there to calm your nerves and bring some more peace into your life.

Keep in mind that lithotherapy, also known as “stone therapy”, cannot be used as a sole means of treatment when it comes to serious illnesses. Overall, wearing a custom amethyst necklace will bring great results for almost anyone. The only group who won’t benefit from this stone are people with aggressive tendencies because amethyst is known for amplifying one’s energies.

Be sure to properly care for your stone by keeping it dry and clean. Never wear it when applying cosmetics as different compounds may interact with its internal structure. If you want to charge your amethyst, consider placing it on a windowsill during a full moon or surrounding it with fragrances and beautiful sounds during spiritual ceremonies.

The actual design of your personalized necklace doesn’t alter the stone’s healing powers. Therefore, you are free to choose any style you like to ensure the piece suits your fashion preferences. From opulent to minimalistic, from gold to silver, or any other kind of material – your custom purple necklace will always keep you at the center of attention. The elegance of a custom silver amethyst necklace comes from the perfect combination of cool colors. Indian masters have praised the union of amethyst and silver for centuries, saying they amplify each others’ power. However, a gold amethyst necklace may be a good way to show your status and honor this wonderful stone with no less precious metal. Such a custom jewelry piece may help to bring your insights to life and make your manifestations more vivid.

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