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Savor the high-end elegance with an exquisite custom diamond necklace created by Olertis. Create the piece of your dreams from natural and lab-grown white and black diamonds. Accentuate the natural beauty of these stones with your chosen cut, setting, and arrangement.
A diamond necklace may be a big head-turner. Wearing such a sophisticated item is bound to draw attention at any event. Whether as a statement piece or an elegant accent, a custom diamond necklace can become a dazzling addition to your jewelry collection.
Diamonds are timeless; they never fade in fashion and always add some chic to any outfit. A personalized necklace is an easy way to elevate your wardrobe and project your high status to the world. So why not make this your motto: Dare. Dazzle. Diamondize.
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The King of Timeless Elegance and Girls’ Best Friend

If you remember Marilyn Monroe, you probably know what stone she called “a girl’s best friend.” If this reference doesn’t speak to you, we hope you can remember what kind of sky Lucy was flying in. If this still doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps, you know what the hardest mineral on earth is. That’s right, we are talking about diamonds, the most coveted stones of all time. And nothing speaks of a woman’s status so highly as a diamond necklace. Such an accessory is reserved for the most special occasions and is typically worn by the rich.

However, with the advancement of modern stone-making technology, it’s possible to get a more affordable lab-grown diamond necklace. In fact, such a piece may cost half the price of a natural diamond necklace but have the same high quality and brilliance.

When talking about the styles of diamond necklaces, they can go from minimalistic to downright opulent. The former includes negligee, lariat, solitaire, and rosary. The fancier types include festoon, Edwardian style, collar, and multi-layered options. Somewhere in the middle of the spectrum there are graduated, station, and princess necklaces. By the way, the name of the last type sounds exactly like one of the most popular diamond cuts. A princess-cut diamond necklace with its square shape of stones will provide a fresh alternative to a more conventional round brilliant cut. Keep in mind that in a custom piece, square diamonds can be positioned both in a straight line or at any angle, providing more room for your imagination.

If you prefer a single string of diamonds without any special shapes, check out tennis and riviera varieties. While the former is formed from uniform diamonds of the same size, the latter features stones of various sizes that gradually range from bigger ones in the middle to smaller ones at the ends. If you prefer to wear diamonds close to your neck, why not get a custom choker or a collar? Finally, if you are a big fan of diamonds, we can make a cluster variety with an opulent arrangement of variously sized diamonds to show off your high status and beauty.

Of course, nothing can outshine the sparkling king of stones, but if you’d like to complement your diamonds with other stones in one piece, you might want to consider sapphires, emeralds, or tanzanites. These gems are no less exquisite but are more affordable than diamonds and can make a perfect combination. Additionally, you can mix things up with different colors of diamonds, ranging from the most traditional colorless variety to yellow, pink, blue, red, and even black. In fact, the latter type is very rare in nature, which is why most black diamonds on the market are artificial. The good news is that this lab-grown variety is quite affordable and may serve as a great material for a custom black diamond necklace.

A personalized diamond necklace will always remain a symbol of elegance and sophistication. It is one of the most expensive and coveted gifts you can give somebody, thus, expressing how much this person means to you. Beyond their physical beauty, diamonds have inspired countless songs and poems, being the symbol of strength and everlasting beauty.

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