Natural Sapphire Necklace

Treat yourself to the luxury of possessing a personalized sapphire necklace, in which every detail is tailored to your taste. Become a co-creator of the jewelry piece that you will wear with confidence and grace, knowing it reflects your personal style.
18K White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Ocean and Dolphins Necklace. Natural Sapphire Necklace. US
Custom 18K White Gold Diamond & Sapphire Necklace. Natural Sapphire Necklace. US
Custom 18K Rose Gold Diamond & Sapphire Necklace on a Rope Chain. Natural Sapphire Necklace. US
Discover the elegance of a natural sapphire necklace, which sparkles class and refined taste. Whether it’s a deep blue sapphire or a rare pink gem, these custom-made pieces are examples of excellent artistry made with attention to the tiniest detail.
Are you looking for a custom sapphire necklace that combines ethical elegance with top quality? Olertis Jewelry offers a conscious, lab-grown sapphire necklace that speaks to your heart and values. Craft a timeless piece that will become the spotlight of your collection.

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A Spectrum of Elegance: Custom Sapphire Necklaces for Every Taste

In the world of fine jewelry, nothing captures individuality and sophistication like a custom-made necklace. And if you are looking for a precious stone that speaks elegance and grace, sapphire is the best choice. These fabulous gems of rich shades and sparkling brilliance have adorned the necks of fashion icons and royalty for centuries. Today, a personalized sapphire necklace offers a unique fusion of timeless appeal and self-expression. The journey of crafting your custom necklace is incredibly inspiring – from selecting the perfect stone to choosing an exquisite setting.

If you are drawn to the deep blue hues reminiscent of the Princess of Wales’s beloved piece, a natural blue sapphire necklace is an ideal way to add a touch of splendor to your collection. Blue sapphires symbolize loyalty, wisdom, and honesty, while on a spiritual level, they are believed to help harmonize one’s energies and enhance intuition. Sapphires have long been synonymous with royalty and refinement. One of the most iconic examples of a custom blue sapphire necklace is the sapphire-and-pearl choker owned by Princess Diana. Originally, it was a brooch given to Diana as a wedding present. This piece perfectly shows how to express your vision and preferences through customization.

Sapphire palette ranges far beyond blue hues; white sapphires are highly valued for their pure brilliance. These sparkling stones are considered to promote clarity of thought and emotional balance. A custom white sapphire necklace looks tender and is easily integrated into any wardrobe. By the way, white sapphires are splendid for everyday wear because they are highly durable and can withstand scratches.

Sapphires also come in delicate pink hues and look fascinating in necklaces. These stones are rarer than blue ones, although blue sapphires are more expensive due to their popularity. Pink sapphires can be paired beautifully with different metals like white or rose gold and platinum, as well as with other gemstones. If you want to enlarge your jewelry collection or are looking for a gift for your girlfriend or daughter – a personalized pink sapphire necklace is the best choice. Those who believe in the spiritual meaning of stones say that pink sapphire promotes the ability to forgive and be more tolerant and stimulates the emotion of love.

Sapphires of any color can be created synthetically, preserving the same chemical composition, properties, and appearance as natural rocks. Without a doubt, a personalized lab-created sapphire necklace is a more ethical and environmentally friendly option that doesn’t involve harmful impact. If you doubt the brilliance or hardness of lab-grown sapphires, we can reassure you of their quality. Synthetic stones are created with few to no inclusions (any foreign material present in a gem), making them more durable than natural sapphires and resulting in higher clarity.

To this day, the sapphire is among the four most expensive and sought-after gems. Its deep hue fascinates and attracts collectors, making them pay millions of dollars for rare pieces when they go to auction. For example, the world’s most expensive Kashmir sapphire necklace, “The Peacock Necklace”, was sold for $14.9 million at Christie’s in Hong Kong in 2018. The necklace features twenty-one cushion-shaped, extremely rare sapphires.

Custom 18K White Gold Diamond & Sapphire Necklace Floral design. Natural Sapphire Necklace. US

Create your unique sapphire necklace with Olertis Jewelry to add to your everyday jewelry collection or have a piece for a special occasion. We make sure you enjoy not only the destination, i.e., the final creation, but the journey itself. Trust us in the meticulous process of designing a custom sapphire necklace, and enjoy your cherished jewel.

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