Custom Nipple Rings

We strive to deliver a personalized experience to every client. Whether you are into elegant and stylish looks or daring and punk designs, we are here to implement any of your desires. All materials we use are safe and hypoallergenic, so you can fully enjoy your custom nipple piercings.
Keep it simple or stay sassy with our custom nipple bars and piercings. Create your perfect jewelry piece because you deserve the best. The Olertis Jewelry team can implement any style you like, from straight barbells to segment rings – anything your heart desires.
Indulge yourself with a perfect customized vertical clit hood or Prince Albert jewelry. Our experts are ready to craft an exclusive jewelry piece that is excellent for lovers to create a special atmosphere. Allow your imagination to flow, and we will do the rest of the work.
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Designing a 3D Jewelry Model

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1 Year Warranty

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An Easy Way to Transform Your Sensual World

Nipple rings are a great way to boost your sex appeal. They will easily enhance your breasts’ appearance by making the nipples look really perky and seductive. Furthermore, they will make this erogenous area extra-sensitive and responsive to almost any kind of stimulation. The downside of this is incidental overstimulation when the person might get aroused even from simply wearing a bra. However, this undesirable effect is said to reduce the more you get accustomed to your custom nipple piece. At the same time, this jewelry might work magic in case of low libido issues and will definitely improve the wearer’s love life.

With Olertis Jewelry, you can create personalized nipple rings that will suit both your sense of style and anatomy. They might feature a basic ring, a heart shape, a hollow lace design, a small chain, a gemstone, or some filigree work. It’s totally up to your imagination. Furthermore, you can choose any hypoallergenic metal that is safe for your body, such as implant-grade titanium, silver, gold, or niobium (please, read up on the specifics of each metal before putting it inside your body). Whatever your choice, the Olertis team will ensure your personalized nipple rings look absolutely stunning.

With this being said, custom nipple rings might not be the best option for people with some medical conditions. For example, it’s a poor jewelry choice for people who are oversensitive or prone to infection and slow healing. If you belong to one of these groups, we recommend thinking twice before making any rash decisions. Consider the fact that the procedure itself can be quite painful even despite applying numbing anesthetic cream and the nipple area may take as long as one year to fully heal (and that might be the best-case scenario for some people). In any case, the piercing procedure should be handled by a professional (ideally, someone who has a medical background).

Whether you choose to keep your intimate accessory a secret or showcase it for the entire world to see, we will support every step of your custom jewelry journey, from making the initial design sketches to receiving the final product. Our highly professional team will handle any request and do its best to meet all your nipple jewelry needs.

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