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The art of lip piercing has captivated people for ages, offering an exclusive blend of cultural significance and personal style. Today's personalized lip jewelry market is more diverse than ever, featuring pieces that vary from minimalist chic to elaborately ornate. And the Olertis Jewelry experts are honored to craft your ideal pieces.
Custom 18K White Gold Sapphire Drop Labret. Lip Piercing Jewelry. US
Custom 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Ruby Sapphire Straight Barbell. Lip Piercing Jewelry. US
Custom 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Sapphire Half Moon Straight Barbell. Lip Piercing Jewelry. US
Whether you are a long-time piercing enthusiast or considering your first lip piercing, custom jewelry is the optimal choice which gives endless possibilities. Create an edgy style lip ring or an incredible labret to convey your personal style.
What are you looking for? Is it a classic diamond lip ring? Or maybe it’s an intricate stud? Rest assured, personalized lip jewelry offers endless possibilities to express your unmatched style. Your exclusive piercing jewels will elicit compliments and make you feel confident and stylish.

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Unlocking the Details of Lip Piercing

Lip piercing is something more than a trend; it’s a powerful form of self-expression that has spanned cultures and centuries. From the vibrant traditions of ancient tribes to the bold fashion statements of modern youth, lip piercings have become a mainstream accessory. This article delves into the fascinating history, different fashions, and the latest trends in custom lip piercing jewelry that can elevate your look.

In many cultures, lip piercing is a part of initiation ceremonies marking the transition from adolescence to adulthood. By the way, women of some tribes, like the Mursi and the Makololo, wear lip plates or labrets, and their size and material indicate social status and symbolize beauty. Piercing jewelry also indicated to what social group its wearer belonged; for example, the Aztecs and the Mayan priests and warriors put on labrets.

But how did piercing become mainstream and a common thing? In the 1970s – 1980s, lip piercing became common in Western countercultures, particularly within punk and goth subcultures. It was seen as a form of rebellion and expression of individuality. And in more than a decade, custom lip piercing gained mainstream popularity, especially thanks to celebrities and musicians, who made it a trend and brought it to a broader audience. Since then, lip piercing has continued to be a popular form of body adornment, with a lot of styles and jewelry options possible.

We prepared a guide to all available kinds of lip piercing so that you won’t get lost among all the options.

Some types belong to conventional, single-lip piercing, like the one above the chin (soul patch) and philtrum or also known as medusa (above the upper lip), both made directly under the nose. As we stated above, piercing was common among famous people, especially in the 2000s, so we will give some examples in this article. Christina Aguilera was a fan of a philtrum piercing in 2002 when her popular track Dirrty topped the charts.

Two types are named after recognizable beauty spots of two icons of music and film industries – Madonna and Marilyn Monroe. In these cases, a custom small stud or labret with a flat end is inserted above the upper lip, on the right or left side respectively. To highlight her distinctive style, Amy Winehouse wore a delicate stud above the left part of her lip.

Another type also bears a girl’s name, Ashley. It can be described as a puncture in the center of the lower lip. Embellished with a simple gemstone, it will definitely draw attention to this body part.

Some striking variants feature a curve in the middle – you are to decide which lip exactly. Vertical labret is done in the lower lip. Those who want to puncture their upper lip should consider another variant – labret. Both aren’t easy to handle.

The following categories of lip piercing are done inside the mouth, and the main question is whether they are comfortable to wear. People who chose a scrumper, also known as a smiley piercing (a piercing of a lower lip frenulum) or a piercing of the upper lip frenulum aren’t complaining. Pay attention to how Willow Smith boldly rocks a smiley, along with other piercings she has. Comfort is the most important thing when it comes to this type of jewelry, and the best choices in this regard are personalized horseshoe gold lip rings, seamless rings, and BCRs.

More bold and unconventional double piercings are known as “bites”. One eccentric style is the Angel bites, where piercings are symmetrically placed on either side of the upper lip. They are undoubtedly considered a hardcore option. On the other hand, Joker piercings (dahlia bites) are located at the corners of the mouth, evoking an enigmatic smile similar to that of the famous villain.

Moving to the lower lip, let’s explore three possible options. The first one is the bites of a dolphin, which involves two custom studs punctured closely together in the center. Similarly, the snake bites are positioned near the edges of the lower lip. Due to their placement, they have several disadvantages. Those who want to have it must be aware that it may result in gum damage and cracked teeth.

Bites of a spider are often preferred by musicians and people who relate themselves to emo or alternative music cultures. It includes two personalized studs placed close to each other on one side of the mouth, adding a unique flair without overwhelming the overall appearance.

If you are unsure about getting a real lip piercing but want to add a certain touch to your look, you may consider a fake lip ring and experiment with your style. Custom faux lip cuffs come in various styles and can be made from different precious metals. Moreover, this custom jewelry piece can be embellished with additional decorative elements such as charms, bars, or gems.

Another popular type of lip piercings is Jestrum, which is a vertical medusa piercing or a vertical philtrum piercing. It goes through the part of your upper lip. Cyber Bytes is another amazing piercing, but it’s double lip piercing that combines the medusa and the standard labret piercing. Canine Bites and Shark Bites piercings are similar to each other, both involve four different piercings located where your canine teeth are. The shark bite piercing is just four piercings in one. It consists of double piercings placed symmetrically on either side of the mouth beneath the lower lip.

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