Unique Custom Wedding Rings

Do you want your wedding bands to be one-of-a-kind? Look at some different ways to customize them. From unisex wedding bands to unconventional metals and meaningful engravings – choose what speaks to your heart. You are about to select a ring that tells your love story, so take time because it must be perfect.
Consider unique custom wedding ring ideas that go far beyond the standard of a plain gold band. Unconventional stone choice or unusual ring design – anything is possible with Olertis Jewelry. Create custom wedding rings that reflect your essence and tell your love story.
A classic band doesn’t suit your taste? There is nothing impossible for the Olertis jewelry team. We can suggest alternative ideas for your exclusive wedding rings or implement your boldest visions – anything to make you happy on one of the best days of your life.
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Crafting Love with Unique Wedding Ring Ideas

What can be more thrilling than choosing your wedding band? Nowadays, there are plenty of styles you can choose from, so there is no need to compromise. The wedding ring you will wear embodies the bond of two caring partners and their devotion to each other. If you’re not looking for conventional designs, then let’s look at alternative wedding ring styles to get some inspiration.

Unisex Wedding Bands

Traditionally, certain wedding ring designs were related to the male or female gender due to some details, type of gemstones, and the item thickness. Anyway, times are changing, and unisex wedding bands have gained more popularity. The beauty of this style lies in its universal appeal.

However, what defines a wedding ring as gender-neutral? We should mention that unisex rings can be crafted using various precious metals. A couple might opt for classic gold, less ordinary silver, or hypoallergenic platinum. Unisex wedding rings usually have a minimalistic concept with sleek lines and smooth texture. The rings can be embellished with gemstones in various ways, from infinity to anniversary bands, from baguette to pave diamond rings.

Unconventional Metals

Rose gold is a good alternative if you want a ring that will stand out. It gives a tender and elegant touch to any jewelry piece. Talking about the combination of rose gold and gemstones, we should say that this metal can be perfectly matched with both diamonds and any colored fine stones.

You don’t have to decide between colors if you select two-tone rings. The potential combinations of precious metals are limitless: white and rose, rose and platinum, white and yellow, etc. Moreover, it is an exclusive yet timeless choice with versatile personalization possibilities. Two-tone wedding rings are created by horizontal or vertical color separation, as well as inside and outside color separation.

Alternative Gemstones

Every precious and semi-precious stone is known to carry a powerful symbolic and spiritual meaning and can be a great alternative to classic diamonds and sapphires. You may choose to feature your birthstone in a wedding ring, not necessarily as the center stone but possibly as an accent or side stone. Moissanite is praised for its durability and sustainability and resembles a diamond. No wonder it has remained a highly demanded alternative for years. Diamonds in wedding rings are often substituted with stunning gems, for example, tanzanite, emerald, ruby, and amethyst.

Custom Shaped Rings

The most popular choice among wedding ring designs is a D-shape or court plain band. But if you imagine your ring outside a conventional style and accepted preferences, a unique handcrafted wedding band of a less common shape is a great choice. Shaped wedding rings can be of various types, including V-shape, wishbone, curve, square-shape, twist, double curve, and cut-to-fit rings. So, a diamond/gemstone cut is selected for a particular ring shape.

Meaningful Engravings

An engraving on a wedding band is a symbolic or memorable customization option. The most common inscription motifs are your spouse’s initials, an important date, a quote, a symbol that means something only for the two of you, a nostalgic phrase, or even custom signatures. If you want to engrave something intimate and personal, contemporary technology lets you do it on the inside of a wedding band. An outside engraving is a visible design element and a cute and extraordinary way to personalize your valuable jewel if you don’t imagine your piece embellished with gems. However, the engraving excellently matches a diamond ring too.

Your wedding ring translates into an exceptional connection between you and your soulmate, so it has to be perfect. Don’t hustle, take your time to decide and select from a wide range of alternatives — they are infinite. Craft your exclusive, dream wedding bands with Olertis jewelry.

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