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Discover the fascinating world of custom bridal ring sets crafted to your taste – from eternal classics to modern interpretations. Olertis Jewelry experts will follow your ideas and turn them into a custom bridal ring set to tell the story of your love.
Build your own wedding set so that every detail resonates with you and evokes deep positive emotions. Trust your intuition and sense of style – our designers will guide you to a beautiful result. With Olertis Jewelry, your dream bridal ring set is just several discussions away.
Let your journey toward a dream wedding ring set be pleasant and successful. Craft personalized pieces that will be dear to your heart and remind you how it all started. Olertis Jewelry is here to make your dreams become reality.
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Your Love, Your Way: Crafting a Custom Wedding Ring Set

Behind those happy faces and a perfectly organized event are hundreds of tiny and big decisions and choices – the most challenging yet exciting one starts with finding or creating an engagement ring and then the wedding rings. There is a beautiful option out of many custom jewelry options that are made to optimize your time and resources – a custom wedding ring set.

So, what is a bridal ring set? The set typically consists of an engagement ring, which is traditionally presented at the time of proposal, and a matching wedding band, which is exchanged during the wedding ceremony. Both rings are designed to complement each other and create a cohesive look. Sometimes, a personalized wedding band set may also include a wedding ring for a groom that matches a bride’s ring. Customization gives you complete freedom of action, so you can build your own wedding set that meets your needs and preferences.

You may wonder how rings in a set are combined. In fact, there are many variants, from fancy to classic. Let’s dwell on some of the custom wedding band set styles to help shape ideas for your personalized set.

If you want a coordinated wedding ensemble, consider a personalized curved wedding set. In this set, a wedding ring is designed to contour an engagement ring, so there are no gaps between them.

A perfect open-end bridal set may feature a ring with a protruding stone and a second ring that doesn’t form a complete circle and has a gap to fit in the first one.

A personalized three-stone set has a powerful meaning – it includes a band with three gemstones that represent the past, present, and future, while the second ring is usually plain and reserved.

A set that features a ring with a small cutout to match another ring’s center stone is called a custom-notched wedding set. This design prevents the rings from overlapping.

For those who are searching for something traditional and timeless, a straight wedding set would be a great option. Both rings fit neatly along each other.

A trendy and unusual variant is a personalized stacked wedding set, where an engagement ring is worn between two or more wedding bands.

These are only some examples of the custom wedding ring set types. Couples can draw inspiration from these designs to create something similar or build their own exclusive wedding set.

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As the wedding ring set consists of two bands and more, it is preferable that they look harmonious and match each other. To guarantee coordination between the pieces and support the overall aesthetics, choose the same color of the precious metal for all rings of the wedding set. Also, it is better to align the bands’ width to create a balanced look. With a custom bridal ring set, you have the opportunity to navigate and create the pieces that speak to your individuality and story. From the initial spark of the proposal to the treasured moments of your wedding celebration, these rings symbolize the adventure you’re starting together. Let your imagination know no limits. Trust your instincts as you explore the possibilities of crafting your personalized wedding set.

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