Zodiac Pendant

Have you ever wanted a custom piece that represents your unique star-guided path? With Olertis, you have a chance to turn your dreams into reality and create your very own zodiac pendant! Who are you? A brave Leo or a charming Libra, a wise Pisces or a kind Virgo, a loyal Taurus or a lively Aries? Don’t be shy to show your true self to the world!
Your personalized astrology-inspired jewelry can take on many forms: from a minimalistic zodiac symbol to a scientifically correct constellation representation. If you are a hardcore astrology enthusiast, we can even combine all 12 zodiac signs in a single custom piece for you!
A custom zodiac pendant may serve as an icebreaker in a conversation, especially with people of the same sign. It will help you connect deeper with those who have similar beliefs and character traits. And a beautiful custom piece can make these interactions even more meaningful!
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A Journey from the Stars and to Your Heart

Have you ever wondered what it means to truly know Thyself? In the pursuit of inner guidance, ancient civilizations developed entire systems of knowledge, some of which revolved around the stars and other celestial bodies. The traditional Western astrology can be traced back to the times of Ptolemy. However, this philosopher wasn’t the one who invented astrology. Instead, he compiled existing knowledge and eventually made it accessible to the masses. 2,000 years later, we’re still celebrating our celestial heritage that was once revered by the ancients. Astrology has survived the test of time and proven to be a viable and actionable branch of human knowledge.

For centuries, constellations have predictably shown one’s character traits and even fate. Each of the zodiac signs has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, which may serve as a “guiding star” for building your identity. Many believe that zodiac-themed jewelry can help you balance out your personality, harmonize the influence of the stars, and make your strengths even more prominent. Consider a list of what a sign-based pendant can do for you:

Capricorn pendant | Olertis | US

Capricorn sign

1. A Capricorn pendant will give its self-driven and ambitious owner a little more direction and guidance to ensure future success.

Aquarius pendant | Olertis | US

Aquarius sign

2. An Aquarius pendant makes you even more original and free-spirited while balancing out any detachment issues.

Pisces pendant | Olertis | US

Pisces sign

3. A Pisces pendant will reconnect you with your inner guidance and intuition whenever you feel lost or misguided.

Aries pendant | Olertis | US

Aries sign

4. An Aries pendant will boost its owner’s enthusiasm and resilience while reducing overconfidence.

Taurus pendant | Olertis | US

Taurus sign

5. A Taurus pendant will strengthen your practicality and reliability while mitigating stubbornness.

Gemini pendant | Olertis | US

Gemini sign

6. With a Gemini pendant, you will explore this world to the fullest while staying wise and consistent.

Cancer pendant | Olertis | US

Cancer sign

7. A Cancer pendant will boost your charisma, brighten your imagination, and soften potential mood swings.

Leo pendant | Olertis | US

Leo sign

8. A Leo pendant will make you shine even brighter while balancing out your sense of superiority.

Virgo pendant | Olertis | US

Virgo sign

9. A Virgo pendant is great for opening up your innate kindness, compassion, and care, while making you less critical and shy.

Libra pendant | Olertis | US

Libra sign

10. A Libra pendant will unleash your artistic skills as well as help you communicate with others on a deeper level.

Scorpio pendant | Olertis | US

Scorpio sign

11. A Scorpio pendant is reserved for passionate and fearless people and will bring out their mysterious side.

Sagittarius pendant | Olertis | US

Sagittarius sign

12. A Sagittarius pendant is meant for brave-hearted and bright-minded individuals who never fear to speak their truth. At the same time, this jewelry piece will help them balance out any responsibility issues.

While most people would go for one of these 12 traditional options when it comes to their sign, Olertis offers you a unique chance to explore alternatives. After all, it’s worth keeping an open mind. For example, some sidereal systems propose a 13 or even 14-sign zodiac. Some people who were born on the cusp of two zodiac signs consider themselves “hybrids” and choose to incorporate both sets of traits into their astrological identity. Although Vedic astrology, known as Jyotish, has the same 12 signs as Western astrology, the two systems have totally different dates. This stems from the fact that Western astrology is Sun-oriented, while the Indian system follows the position of the Moon. Western astrology is arguably better for identifying personal traits and the nature of your psyche, while Jyotish focuses more on the deep aspects of your soul and its mission in the world. With Olertis, you can explore all facets of your celestial heritage embracing the views that work best for you.

Finally, there can be different systems of grouping the signs with the most popular classifier being the elements such as earth, air, water, and fire. For example, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius belong to the fire element, while Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are aquatic creatures. Besides the traditional element-based grouping, Matias de Stefano points out that each sign corresponds to particular celestial bodies of the Solar system, the physiological systems in the body, the parts of the human being (body, spirit, and soul), the stages of the universal experience (expression, experimentation, integration, and transcendence), as well as the life motto or mission. Please consider which astrology grouping resonates most with you before making a final decision on the motifs of your custom jewelry piece.

For those who want to put an esoteric spin on their pendant and reunite with their cosmic family, there’s an option to make constellation-themed jewelry representing Orion, Pleiades, or any other extraterrestrial civilization. Whichever image resonates with you the most will make the best custom zodiac pendant for you.

Thus, astrology is a useful self-discovery tool that can provide insights and reaffirm your identity. But in the end, remember that no star can ever define you in the way that you define yourself. Be brave enough to take the wheel and create your own path. Treat the stars as helpful guides, not your bosses or superiors in life.

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