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Timeless accessories with a deep sentimental value that means a lot to the wearer. Personalized lockets for graduation, Father’s Day, friendship anniversary, or any other important date, customized with handwriting, photo, fingerprint, or drawings. Our team is here to create this special jewelry with care and love.
Custom 18K Rose Gold Diamond Sapphire & Ruby Floral Design Four Leaflets Locket on a Chain. Customized Locket. US
Custom 18K Rose Gold Diamond & Ruby Round Floral Design Locket on a Chain. Customized Locket. US
Custom 18K White Gold Diamond & Citrine Heart-Shaped Locket on a Chain with Bee Sculpture. Customized Locket. US
Craft a special keepsake that carries your life's most treasured moments. A wear-everywhere style that goes with all your outfits and holds something dear to your heart. Choose from the top-quality materials and create a design of any complexity to suit your taste.
Design a small masterpiece that bears personal significance for your loved one. Olertis Jewelry team will be honored to create a custom gold locket with you – a piece that will be cherished forever. Create emotional moments and unforgettable memories.

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Designing a 3D Jewelry Model. US

Designing a 3D Jewelry Model

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1 Year Warranty

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Hold Your Memories Close to Your Heart

A locket is perhaps the most romantic piece of jewelry ever. It’s designed so that you can keep something meaningful close to your heart at all times. This can be any small item that holds special value: a picture or a painting, a sentimental note or fragrant dry flower, a piece of hair or a lovely perfume.

The design of the locket and its style depends not only on the wearer’s preference but also on the item enclosed inside. Think of what you want to place inside your custom piece before settling on the locket’s shape: a circle, oval, heart, square, etc. Perhaps, you want to have several pictures or a memorable item inside, in which case you may need extra space. Or, conversely, if you know for sure that you need room only for one picture, the design can be quite simple and basic. Furthermore, you may choose not to place anything inside at all and simply make an engraving featuring an important date, name, motto, or a quote.

Another thing to consider when designing your personalized piece is whether or not you want others to see its contents. There are some designs that feature glass either at the front or on both sides of your locket, making the item visible. Additionally, think of how much flexibility you want with your design: will the same item be enclosed forever or do you want to change the item based on your mood and preferences? Asking yourself these questions is very important before coming up with the idea of a locket and will help our team develop the perfect personalized piece for you.

The closing mechanism can vary slightly from locket to locket. If the hinge that keeps two pieces of metal together is quite reliable, it may not need one. In case you want to ensure that your custom piece never opens by accident, we may recommend including a clasp or a magnet in your design or using some untraditional mechanism (a siding or rotating locket, for example). If you are considering storing something very personal in your locket, we can recommend making a small lock and keeping your key in a safe place.

18K White Gold Diamond & Onyx Custom Locket on a Chain. Customized Locket. US

Although your custom piece can be made from any precious metal, the most traditional material for lockets is, naturally, gold. It can be yellow, red, rose, or white (the older pieces tend to favor yellow, while modern ones commonly feature rose). A gold locket pendant is a symbol of sophistication, elegance, and delicate grace. The outside part may be encrusted with diamonds or gemstones or have other decorative elements. If you want your custom pendant to look like a vintage gold locket, you may consider intaglios, cameos, and engravings.

Whatever kind of locket you have in mind, kindly describe to us your preferences. From the most basic options to the most intricate and filigree pieces – we can do it all and even more! Don’t hesitate to contact the Olertis Jewelry team today and share your most exciting jewelry dreams!

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