Italian Horn

Are you sick of all the negativity floating around you? Or perhaps you live in a balanced environment but just looking for some extra protection? In this case, an Italian horn pendant might be a perfect charm for you. Employ the power of ancient symbols to keep you out of harm’s way!
If you aren't a superstitious kind of person, there's still a good chance a custom horn pendant might work well in your wardrobe as an eye-catching accessory that highlights your connection to Italian culture and mythology.
An elegant golden corno suits almost any outfit, while an ice-out horn-themed pendant will make your bold look even flashier. Plus, if you believe in its special powers, a custom gold Italian horn will easily protect you from negative thoughts and energies.
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Ancient Symbols, Modern Designs: What is the Italian Horn About?

Historically, this charm pendant comes from a 5,000-year-old Italian superstition that an eland’s horn can protect its wearer from evil eye (the so-called “Malocchio”). The charm also is known as “cornicello”, “cornetto,” or simply “corno.” The most massive archaeological find featuring dozens of horn pendants comes from the city of Pompeii which was tragically destroyed by Mount Vesuvius volcano in 79 A.D.

Apart from protection, it can bring its wearer luck, vitality, and power. Although the superstition is mostly spread throughout the southern part of the Italian peninsula, it’s quite popular on the island of Sicily, which is why this symbol also goes by the name “Sicilian horn.” People of Italian descent are often spotted wearing this type of custom charm to let others know their roots and reconnect with this tradition.

Over the years, jewelry designers have come up with many Italian horn-themed renditions, including a hot chili pepper or red coral, a cornucopia, a phallic symbol, a crowned horn, and many more. All of these have some references to Ancient Roman and Greek myths. For example, a cornucopia is closely associated with Zeus, the head of the Greek pantheon. Phallic symbols are related to Dionysus and Priapus, while coral is an attribute of Aphrodite (Venus) who was born from the sea foam. If you dig deeper into mythology, you’ll find that many peoples had horned gods and goddesses, most of whom represented power, strength, dignity, military success, fertility, or simply animal spirits.

Italian Horn | Olertis | US

With Olertis Jewelry, you can easily personalize your future piece. Inside the pendant, one can put something small and meaningful (for example, some people may even put cremation ashes there).

In some cases, a gold cornicello is paired with other accessories. Most commonly, it is accompanied by a “horned hand” pendant representing an Italian hand gesture that also wards off negative energies. A more obscene version of the gesture refers to coitus and is also said to protect the wearer from undesired influences. A particularly superstitious person might wear their Italian horn along with a hamsa hand, Turkish nazar amulet, or another charm for some extra protection.

Although the most traditional variety of the pendant is plain gold, you can opt for a different material like silver or even adorn your custom piece with gemstones. You are welcome to choose any design and interpretation you want and fill it with your own symbolism. Olertis Jewelry experts will do their best to create a custom piece that would perfectly meet your personal preferences and requirements.

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