Iced-Out Bracelet

When it comes to popular culture, diamonds have always been a symbol of status. Have you seen celebrities with accessories clad entirely with diamonds? That’s what “iced-out” means, and it has become a big thing among stars and rich people, especially those in hip-hop circles.
18K Yellow Gold Natural Diamond Luxury Chunky Iced-Out Bracelet. Iced-Out Bracelet. US
18K White Gold Chunky Chain Iced-Out Bracelet. Iced-Out Bracelet. US
18K White Gold Natural Diamond Chunky Iced-Out Bracelet. Iced-Out Bracelet. US
But what if we told you that with our custom jewelry, you too have a chance to look like a star? Be it an iced-out Cuban link bracelet or a more sophisticated tennis bracelet, we are here for you to make your bling as shiny as possible.
Experience the luxury of diamond sparkles on your wrist with Olertis. Make a step toward your most confident and prestigious look. Dazzle everyone with a custom chunky bracelet designed specifically to turn heads and make a statement.

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The Bling Effect: Why Iced-Out Jewelry Shines in Pop Culture

Many people wonder what “iced-out” means or how the term has come to be. This exact wording was first coined by representatives of hip-hop culture at the start of the 1980s (“ice” is slang for “diamond”). Since then, the term has been widely used to refer to diamond jewelry, especially by singers like Tupac Shakur, Quavo, Jadakiss, Drake, and many others.

Among other jewelry items, ice bracelets for men have become extremely popular, especially among the younger generation. No matter what style of custom bracelet you are choosing (prong link, Cuban link, Miami Cuban, baguette, rolo, belcher, curb, rope, bangle, or tennis), your piece is bound to draw everyone’s attention.

Of course, most of such personalized iced-out bracelet will come at a considerable price, especially if they are made from genuine gold and diamonds. At the same time, if you want your custom jewelry to look expensive for an affordable price, you can consider diamond substitute options. The cheapest and most popular one is cubic zirconia, known for short as CZ. These stones are always produced in the lab and can come in a variety of colors. However, they are most commonly made to be white to mimic real diamonds. Because this material contains no carbon atoms, it has a completely different chemical composition compared to “the king of jewels”. Depending on the grade, CZ may cost from five to one hundred dollars per carat.

18K Yellow Gold Natural Diamond Luxurious Iced-Out Bracelet. Iced-Out Bracelet. US

The second possible substitute for this kind of bracelet is lab-grown moissanite which is chemically and structurally closer to diamonds. This stone possesses much more valuable characteristics than CZ, for example, a high hardness that is almost on par with diamonds and spectacular refractive qualities. With this being said, moissanites aren’t made equal and can be of low or high quality which is why the price for one carat can range from anywhere near 15 to 600 US dollars. What makes these stones cool, though, is their extraterrestrial origin as each lab-grown moissanite represents a small replica of a meteorite particle once found in the crater.

Additionally, there are a number of gemstones that can sometimes naturally occur in colorless forms, for example, sapphires, garnets, Bristol diamonds, etc. The latter are the cheapest, as they essentially constitute a type of transparent white quartz and have the same chemical composition that you’ll find in common sand. Thus, you can choose any stone you want for your custom Iced-Out bracelet depending on your preferences and budgeting. Olertis experts offer personalized styles, designs, motifs, and materials for your custom men’s jewelry that will definitely meet all your jewelry expectations.

18K White and Yellow Gold Natural Diamond Luxury Iced-Out Bracelet. Iced-Out Bracelet. US

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