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Show your appreciation and care by ordering a personalized pearl bracelet for your loved one. Women of all ages adore pearls; the main thing is to develop a design she would like, and our team is ready to help. Tender classic design or flashy modern motifs – we can bring it all to life.
A custom pearl bracelet is a trendy choice for casual and formal occasions that has never gone out of fashion. Pink, white, or black pearls – choose any kind for different moods and outfits. Add this fabulous piece to your collection and express your unique style with Olertis.
Elevate your look with a touch of elegance and sophistication that only a custom pearl bracelet can provide. Whether it’s a tender single-strand pearl bracelet or a luxurious multi-strand piece combined with precious stones, it will be your perfect accessory for years to come.
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Sophistication, Thy Name is Pearl

Invariably associated with elegance and grace, pearls have been favored by royalty for centuries. Ancient cultures have appreciated this special gemstone and created numerous myths revolving around its origin. In Vedic tradition, pearls are thought to be a result of the heavenly work of gods. They also symbolize the unity of the earth and the sky because, according to ancient Indian beliefs, pearls are born whenever thunder hits the ground. Some peoples associated pearls with tears of gods. According to biblical mythology, Eve’s tears turned into beautiful white pearls when she was forced to leave Eden.

Today, most cultures connect pearls with femininity and mysticism. Lunar associations also prevail, which come from the most popular pearly white color of this gemstone. The fact that pearls are born deep at sea creates an aura of mystery. The most valued kind is saltwater naturally occurring pearls, however, they are quite rare and may be too expensive. For this reason, a genuine saltwater pearl bracelet is a true luxury reserved only for a chosen few. Freshwater varieties commonly have uneven shapes (such pearls may sometimes be called baroque). If the first type is mostly used for classical-style jewelry, the latter may be applied to all kinds of flamboyant non-symmetrical custom pieces. Baroque pearls provide a fresh alternative to a stereotypically ideal spherical shape that comes to mind when we think of pearls.

Also, it’s important to consider the ethical implications of sourcing pearls. Each mollusk is a living creature that plays a vital part in its ecosystem. Both freshwater and saltwater mollusks help to keep water clean by filtering it. Even if we’re talking about cultured mollusks that grow in a controlled environment on special farms, they are still living creatures who will most likely die after the pearls have been extracted (about one-third of them will survive till the second extraction). Furthermore, these beings experience great discomfort caused by all kinds of foreign bodies stuffed under their shell. It’s true that pearls can be seen as a living example of “whatever doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger,” but there is no actual need to prove this principle by deliberately making someone suffer. For this reason, we advocate buying artificial pearls that have been produced in a lab. High-quality artificial pearls will provide a great ethical and sustainable alternative to naturally sourced or cultured ones. The great news is that you wouldn’t have to compromise on their aesthetic qualities as they can be just as beautiful as natural ones.

It’s important to consider that although most pearl varieties have a similar texture, their color may be strikingly different. Depending on the species and the chemical environment the mollusk was exposed to, pearls may come in black, brown, beige, green, yellow, pink, golden, and blue varieties. Golden pearls are especially prized by the Chinese who associate them with wealth and status. Each color symbolizes its own aspect that can benefit the wearer. For example, a black pearl bracelet represents both elegance and power, while a white pearl bracelet is thought to symbolize purity, simplicity, and innocence. A pink pearl bracelet is a sign of youthfulness, vitality, and vigor. Just like any type of pearl, it symbolizes sophistication and high status. A green pearl is fittingly associated with a fresh start in life and will help the wearer to implement their new projects.

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When creating your own personalized pearl piece, it’s important to consider different shades and their symbolism. If you have a multicolored arrangement in your custom bracelet, always consider the aesthetic effect you’re going for. Are you gradually dialing down the color or are you looking for ideal symmetry? Should this be a simple beaded-style bracelet or an unusual cluster arrangement? What kind of materials do you want to use except for pearls and what is the overall shape of your custom bracelet? Whatever your jewelry dreams are, the Olertis team is there to help you fulfill them and make your next pearl jewelry piece a priceless treasure.

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