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A great way to build a smart look is to complement it with a personalized garnet brooch. Olertis's team will gladly guide you through the process of creating your perfect statement piece. We use only high-quality materials to meet your requirements. Enjoy wearing your exclusive Olertis garnet brooch!
The place brooches take in fashion has been reconsidered, and they’ve made a bold comeback. Keep up with trends and design your unique custom garnet brooch. It will be perfect for any outfit and event, from a casual meeting with friends to a night at the opera.
Are you tired of cliché gifts? A custom garnet brooch is a wonderful and unusual piece to present. It is a must-have modern accessory that goes well with various clothes, from casual to formal. It becomes more valuable because it is created according to your design by our best jewelers.
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A Garnet Brooch: A Must-Have Trendy Accessory

People have been admiring a beautiful garnet gemstone for a long time. Its color is typically red and resembles a fruit of the same color. Did you guess what fruit we are talking about? Yes, it’s a pomegranate — or rather, its seeds. In fact, garnet’s name is connected to seeds because from Latin “garnet” means “seed-like.” This semi-precious stone is available in various colors. Such a wide spectrum to meet your preferences – green, orange, pink, blue, and yellow.

There is also a lot to say about garnet healing and metaphysical properties. A lot of people believe that this gemstone has protective and energizing qualities, promotes self-growth, and develops intuition. Moreover, the therapeutic effect of garnet has been appraised for centuries; it can heal on physical and emotional levels. For example, it can reduce stress and anxiety, boost the immune system, improve blood circulation, and encourage self-expression.

This glorious stone is a good choice for any type of customized jewelry. But we must say that its beauty is perfectly revealed in brooches. Garnet brooches look sophisticated, elegant, and fancy; they are the best way to bring your outfit to the next level.

Bohemian jewelry is recognized for a carefree and eclectic mix of styles. Bohemian garnet brooch designs are often inspired by nature and include motifs such as flowers, animals, and feathers. People who like to stand out from the crowd try this style to express their essence and worldview.

Victorian jewelry was made to speak for its wearer through details, motifs, and gemstones. Brooches of this style are traditionally created in floral, serpent, and leaf pattern motifs and feature semi-precious stones. This period was when semi-precious stones became widely used in jewelry due to increased global trade. Victorian garnet brooches add a ray of elegance and grandeur to your look. It will definitely be a statement piece in your collection thanks to the rich hues of this stone. Do you know that brooches of this style are mostly made with C clasps? 

A distinctive feature of custom Georgian garnet brooches is feminine designs like modest giardinetti gemstone or more sophisticated bouquets set en tremblant. Traditionally, Georgian-style jewelry is made from gold, but silver and other precious metals are also used. Gemstones are set in a closed back-setting to enhance brilliance.

Brooches have come a long way from playing a practical role (they were used to hold a veil or tunic around a woman’s neck) to becoming an embellishment and a beautiful accent to any outfit. Nowadays, personalized brooches are definitely in trend and are styled with oversized jackets and shirts, wool coats, and even knitwear. We offer a great chance to create your exclusive custom garnet brooch and make your outfits more appealing.

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