Ruby Brooch

Craft your personalized and exceptional ruby brooch for a special event or daily wear. Unique design and combination of precious rocks in the hands of the best jewelers transform into a cherished and durable heirloom piece.
A custom ruby brooch & pin – a sentimental gift to express deep emotions and mark an important milestone in life. The Olertis Jewelry artisans are here to make a ruby brooch that reflects the nature of a future wearer.
Follow your vibrant personality and create a custom ruby brooch that suits it to the core. Go beyond limits and design a precious item to wear and adore for many years to come. Our job is to catch your ideas and make them a reality.
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Bespoke Brilliance of Ruby Brooches

The brooch undoubtedly symbolizes sophistication and refined taste. What’s more, this accessory speaks attitude, hidden meanings, cultural traditions, and beliefs; and it speaks through its design and the gemstones it features. A brooch will make your outfit meaningful and serve as a non-cliche statement piece.

A precious stone that symbolizes vitality, passion, and authority looks ideal in brooches of various types. Its vibrant red color leaves nobody indifferent. We are referring to sparkling custom ruby brooch jewelry that captivates the minds of many brooch enthusiasts.

If you are looking for inspiration for your personalized ruby brooch & pin, there is no one better to look after than Her Majesty the Queen. Queen Elizabeth’s adoration for ruby brooches was immense, and HM’s collection proves it. Perhaps the first item that comes to mind is the Crown Ruby Brooch, the grandest brooch with a unique history, and definitely a piece worth admiration. Other stunning examples include floral motifs, like a basket with gemstones-set petals, a bouquet design with a ribbon, an incredible Tudor rose piece, abstract flowers, and the marvelous Hibiscus custom diamond and ruby brooch. Insect jewelry, ruby butterflies, and scarab brooches in particular, were also often worn by the Queen to both day and evening events. Some of these personalized brooches were inherited, while others were gifted to mark major life milestones, like the birth of Prince Charles and marriage.

It may seem that personalized ruby brooch jewelry goes well only with black or neutral-colored outfits due to its vivid color. However, you may leave your comfort zone and try it with different colors, from contrasting ones to pastel shades. Again, Her Majesty is an excellent example – She combined diamond and ruby brooches with red or green coats and turquoise or purple blazers. Of course, you should feel comfortable and confident in what you wear, but in case you feel the desire to try new color combinations but doubt, let’s say you have the Queen’s approval to experiment.

Ruby in brooches can be combined with other precious stones, like diamonds. Diamonds perfectly complement and highlight the vibrant color of ruby, just pick cuts that go well together. The stone of love and passion matches well with precious metals of different colors; the choice depends on what effect you want to achieve. A custom yellow gold ruby brooch looks more vintage and classic, while neutral, white metal makes the red hue of rubies stand out.

Whether you draw inspiration from royal and antique ruby brooches or envision your own modern design, our experts at Olertis Jewelry are here to guide you from the initial sketch to the final product. The Olertis Jewelry artisans craft every jewelry piece with skill and attention to detail. This dedication ensures that every piece we create becomes a valuable and cherished heirloom for our clients.

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