Onyx Cufflinks

Personalized onyx cufflinks can be a statement piece to your formal wear or an extra special gift and the manifestation of respect. Trust professionals to create a perfect set of high-quality and matchless exclusiveness. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary design, Olertis Jewelry team will make your vision a reality.
Are you looking for a formal and elegant set of opal cufflinks? Personalized opal cufflinks are an excellent option. The Olertis Jewelry team can implement any of your ideas – choose the shape, stone combinations, and precious metals for the setting.
Stand out from a crowd with customized onyx cufflinks. Whether in a gold or silver setting, this powerful stone goes well with any material and looks stunning with any cufflink shape. Our experts will consider all your preferences and navigate you through the process of creating your exclusive onyx cufflinks.
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How Can You Elevate Your Style with Onyx?

In terms of the color palette, onyx is one of the most versatile stones. From black to white, from light pink to milky green, from earthy red to honey, and everything in between – this stone won’t ever fail to surprise you.

From time immemorial, people have created myths surrounding onyx. In Roman mythology, this stone is believed to have come from Venus herself. The goddess was trimming her nails at the top of Mount Olympus. The trimmings fell to the ground and turned into onyx. In ancient Egypt, Empress Cleopatra cherished this stone for its protective power. She even claimed her custom onyx jewelry vibrated each time there were some enemies around her.

Indian, Persian, and Chinese cultures were praising the stone’s mystical properties such as protection and energy balancing. In Feng Shui, onyx is thought to enhance the resilience and ambitious spirit of its owner. The black variety is held in the highest regard. Not only is this the most luxurious-looking type, it’s also believed to bring success, insightfulness, and strong protection to its owner.

Therefore, black onyx cufflinks will project your high status into this world while keeping you safe. Their lush lustrous look is perfect for formal occasions, even red carpet events. Onyx tuxedo studs are classy and chic accessories that will present you as a gentleman of taste. However, don’t undermine the value of other onyx varieties as a suitable cufflinks material. White semi-translucent onyx might look just as elegant. If you are going for a more casual look, consider mixing things up with earthy red, light blue, or even rare purple stones. Don’t forget that we can use any metals for your custom cufflinks (of course, the most traditional options are silver and gold, but we can use any other material for your personalized pieces).

Never underestimate the value of onyx. Even though it might be used in the construction and interior design industry, onyx is by no means a cheap stone, especially when it comes to specimens with the most exquisite textures. Create your custom swank onyx cufflinks with Olertis Jewelry experts to ensure you look your best, no matter the occasion.

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