Foxtail Chain

An elegant way to bring your outfit to the next level is to add a foxtail chain. Whether in gold or silver, it looks nice with minimalistic formal wear and trendy layered outfits. Olertis Jewelry can create a personalized foxtail chain of the highest quality.
A foxtail chain is a great accessory to wear for a casual weekend brunch or a romantic date night. A simple chain offers a great possibility for personalization: made from silver or gold in a twisted or standard technique with loose or tight links. Are you impressed? Get yourself a timeless and exclusive jewelry piece.
Fine jewelry is always a nice and memorable gift idea. A custom foxtail gold chain created by Olertis Jewelry experts will definitely serve a long time. It will enhance any outfit, thus bringing confidence to the wearer. Design a chain to enjoy its exclusiveness.
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Add More Style With a Minimalistic Foxtail Chain

You’ve built a perfect outfit where each piece matches. You are almost ready to go, but you feel that something is missing. Stylists say custom accessories influence the overall look; they are crucial for creating a versatile and elevating outfit. By changing accessories, you may go from a romantic look to a formal one. Do not ignore this powerful tool that transforms the whole outfit. It applies to both men’s and women’s fashion.

If you ask what accessory has comprehensive styling options and can complement almost any outfit, we recommend trying a personalized foxtail chain. A smart and unisex choice with a long and thrilling history and an interesting name.

This type of chain name was based on a visual association. V-shaped links are interlaced layer upon layer in such a way that they resemble the tail of a fox. Over time, either accidentally or due to conscious experimenting, variations of this chain were developed, like the twisted foxtail chain, a chain with loosely or tightly woven links.

Archaeological discoveries have shown that the foxtail chain technique was used for Celtic sword chains in present-day Italy and Austria. Other evidence proves that the Balkan Celtic tribes made foxtail chains, and their prototypes were items developed during the Hellenistic period. The most astonishing find – a custom silver foxtail chain of a complicated design with several layers gathered into serpentine heads on both ends – dates back to the first century BC.

But let’s get back to nowadays and the topic of enhancing your outfit with a custom foxtail chain. This type of chain doesn’t typically require any embellishment or layering, because it’s definitely one of those pieces that can stand on its own. But if you feel like creating a more personalized ensemble, a delicate charm will also look nice. You can also play around with the thickness of a chain – a thin, graceful piece will suit a formal or office look; it won’t attract too much attention but will surely emphasize your sense of style. Thicker pieces are usually preferred by men and are worn with casual clothes; however, we consider this variation unisex. For example, combine a personalized foxtail chain with a flowy loose shirt worn over a T-shirt. To make your knitwear outfit more interesting, add a statement foxtail gold chain – try wearing it with a striped jumper, turtleneck top, or crepe knit sweater. An interesting fact: one of the prominent ancient foxtail gold chains was found by archeologists in a burial at Smochan, Bulgaria, and dates from the late Iron Age.

Feel free to experiment with fashion trends and discover new favorite combinations, because any low-key outfit can be transformed into a stylish, exceptional ensemble with a custom foxtail chain.

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