The Dynamics of Swiss Watch Exports


The Swiss Watch Exports numbers contrast sharply every other month.

Posted on April 11, 2024

Numbers show that after two years of  consistent growth, Swiss watch exports saw a noticeable downturn at the beginning of the year (-3.8% in February).

While there was a significant increase in some of the six main markets, the Chinese market experienced a 25.4% decline in Swiss watch imports. However, exports to the USA climbed up by 5.5%.

According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry Exports (FHS) reports, the situation was different in January, with a 3.1 percent increase. On the contrary, in February, exports to the top six markets dropped by more than 6 percent.

Nearly 80 percent of export turnover is accounted for by watches that cost over 3,000 Swiss francs ($3,300). As stated in the report, their total value fall was by 1.8 percent.

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